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Imagine an equitable and inclusive online community where we value...

Choosing Your Own Adventure

There's no single route through deconstruction that gets you to the other side and eases all the pressure. So The Wilderness Community won't give you all the answers or tell you what to do.


This is a space for learning how to trust yourself enough to choose what's worth fighting for and what you want to walk away from. 

Loosening Your Grip On Certainty

You may have already discovered there's a lot more to life, faith, and God than what you were taught to believe, that's what lead many of us to deconstruction. So in this community we get curious about grey areas, expansive definitions, and ideas that don't neatly fit into religious boxes. 


We are here to explore the ebb and flow of the Sacred, not to get the answers right or prove someone else wrong. 

Taking Up More Space

Toxic religious is really good as squeezing us into smaller and smaller versions of ourselves. So here, we learn how to disconnect from our learned smallness and start unfolding our crumpled wings.


We will explore the aspects of our wild, sacred, holy selves that they said were off limits for our own protection and learn how to stand tall and confident in our own skin. 

I'm Angela, a Faith Deconstruction Coach with 11+ years of experience in ministry, and I'm here to tell you the choice about what you believe is (and always should have been) yours to make. 

For years, you’ve been told that you have to believe certain things to be welcomed, loved, and ‘deserve’ safety.  

They taught you to push aside your natural intuition and curiosity, while pressuring you to fit in. 

But now that’s all changing, because you’ve realized how small you had to make yourself to fit into their box. 

You’re taking back your power, your voice, your body.

You’re remembering how to choose what’s resonates with your soul and take up more space. Even when that rocks the boat.

Choosing not to follow their rules will certainly upset the establishment, but trust me, that’s a good thing.

I'm IN!!! Let's Rock This Boat!


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  • 6 courses, workshops, and retreats.
  • 40 videos.
  • Numerous workbooks, visualizations, and activities to help you apply what you're learning. 
  • Over 9 hours of coaching on topics from relating to God, building sacred space in your life, tools to sort old toxic doctrines from new beliefs, and clearing the debris and hurt Toxic Religion caused.

All of these are yours to explore at your own pace as long as you're a member of The Wilderness Community.

Here's the TLDR you need to know about The Wilderness Community:

Wilderness Member Pricing


Your Membership In The Wilderness Community Includes...

  • An on-demand workshop to help you explore the topic outside of toxic religion's perspective.
  • A customized activity or practice to help you deepen your understanding of the topic and develop new habits. 
  • A live virtual session with a special guest who shares their experience, expertise, and tips on our topic. 
  • A guide for a special resource like a book, podcast, or documentary that shares an insider perspective on this topic.
  • Weekly discussion threads to chat about current events, ask questions and build real friendships. 
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A Few Words About Having Support During Deconstruction...

 "I decided last year that I needed a coach to walk with me as I deconstructed/reconstructed my faith and relationship with "church." 

Angela brings a depth of knowledge, kind spirit, and is the best kind of coach...
the kind who helps you find the answers within! 

Karen White
Private & Group Coaching Client

"Angela helped me to gain a new relationship with my Creator & myself, both of which are without limits & not confined to any sort of 'box'. When I first started deconstructing, I quickly became overwhelmed at all the toxicity I was finally noticing in the religion I used to be a part of. I avoided feelings at all costs. I now trust myself (including my feelings) to shape my own path, even if it means nobody is leading me. Before this course, I was about ready to give up on God altogether."

Group Coaching Client

"Before I worked with Angela in a program, I had a lot of questions but was afraid to ask them. Now, I find that I am allowing myself permission to question, to wonder & to be ok with being me.

I don't have all the answers, but I have the tools, resources & support to continue my deconstruction journey."

Group Coaching Client

Here's a Sneak Peak At What You'll Learn In The Wilderness Community!

Each month there will be workshops, activities, conversation threads, and live gatherings that will hold space for you to: 

  • Sort the healthy doctrines from the unhealthy ones. 
  • Calm your nervous system and get out of crisis mode.
  • Find connection and community without pressure to assimilate.
  • Uproot limiting beliefs about yourself, God, and being a 'good Christian.'

PLUS, you get to choose how much (or little) you engage, I promise there are no grades and no pressure from me, or the moderators, to be perfect. 

You should get to determine when and where your story gets told so we are intentionally hosting the wilderness in our private community that's NOT connected to any social media platform.


You get to choose how much info you make avaialble to the group and there's no more worries about Great Aunt Bertha knowing you're part of this community, (unless she joins too, and in that case we will help her deconstruct as well).

Get The Support You Need, Just Like These Deconstructors Did... 

"This made me realize that the toxic parts of religion can be broken down, while still keeping the healthy parts. I have a new desire to learn about God, but in my own way, not a way that any organization structures. 

It helped me learn how to recognize unhealthy teachings and to have hope that I can have an expanded view on what faith is and who God is. It also helped me have faith and compassion for myself, and realize my potential."


Summit Participant

"For the first time, I felt like I had a safe community and space to finally let my soul go down this journey."

Summit Participant

"Working with Angela has brought new healing to my weary soul and gave me new lenses to look through, some of which had never even occurred to me before. I've gotten tips for my journey and insight on how to be a better ally to those around me and how to respond when I feel stuck in conversations.

It was everything I was hoping for. I recommend Angela to anyone wrestling with their faith and the world."

Rose C.

Summit Participant and Group Coaching Client

Here's What You Get When You Join The Wilderness Community!

Each month our community takes on a topic that's central to deconstruction and recovering fomr religious trauma.
We explore it through:
  • An on-demand workshop to help you explore the topic outside of toxic religion's perspective..
  • A customized activity or practice to help you deepen your understanding of the topic and develop new habits. 
  • A live virtual session with a special guest who shares their experitise and tips on our topic. 
  • A guide for a special resource like book, podcast, or documentry that shares an insider perspective on this topc.
  • Weekly discussion threads to chat about current events, ask questions, and build real friendships. 
PLUS you'll have access to our resource library which includes all the previous month's content.

As a certified life coach, seminary-trained online pastor for 11+ years, and a Faith Deconstruction Coach I have a lot of experience helping people navigate faith...

But deconstruction is also very personal for me.

I learned to be a people-pleaser at an early age because we moved a lot, and it felt like I was always the new kid trying to figure out where I fit in.

When my hubby and I started going to church in our late 20s (because “it would be good for our kids”), I was ecstatic to find out that the rules and expectations were pretty cut and dry. It didn’t feel like legalism; it felt like an instruction manual that laid out a plan for “How to be a better person” and, perhaps more important to me, “How to be accepted.”

After a few years of being deeply embedded in the church, I walked away with a pretty big case of #ChurchHurt and entered a season of deep doubts and wrestling. I was deconstructing from toxic religion, even though (at the time) I didn’t know that’s what it was called.

It took years of self-love, therapy, coaching, and trauma recovery to create a healthy spiritual life that actually nourishes me, without pressure to be who people think I should be…

It's my hope that you’ll also find healing and space to curiously explore what your soul's deepest longings.

You won't be pressured to believe what I believe or practice what I practice.

Instead, you'll have the support you need to find healing and curiously explore what your soul is longing for most. I’ll be a guide walking beside you, not a guru directing your every step so that I get the credit for your happiness.

(Gross, right? But we know it happens alllll the time in Christian spaces so let’s just agree not to go there, K?)

Let’s go through the looking glass and get curioser and curioser about the wild sacred holy life you’re capable of creating ❤️

Let's Do This Together

I'm not here to save your faith, tell you what to believe, or teach you how to get through the wilderness as quickly as possible...

 Because you don't need those things.

The truth is...

This wilderness was always meant to be your home.

You are a wild, sacred, holy being who deserves all the space in the world to run free. 


I'm So Ready For This Level Of Freedom!

Questions You May Have About The Wilderness Community...

The deconstruction wilderness can be lonely, but you're welcome to sit by our fire while you sort out what you want to believe...

We are creating a vibrant online with us while going deeper into deconstruction. This community is designed to give you what you need to untangle from toxic religion without isolation, overwhelm, or pressure to conform to other people's expectations. 

Join The Wilderness Community today, because every epic journey is better with friends.

I'm Ready To Feel Safe Again!