A FREE 4 Day Online Event

to teach you how to nurture your sacred soul while deconstructing your faith (without going back to an unhealthy church)!

YES! I'm Ready To Explore Faith On My Own Terms!

A four day personal journey

to teach you how to nurture your sacred soul while deconstructing your faith (without going back to an unhealthy church)!

YES! I'm Ready To Explore Faith On My Own Terms!

Are you longing to reconnect with the sacred, holy aspects of your faith but feeling isolated since you walked away from your faith community?

The church created a sacred space for all your previous beliefs and hopes for your spiritual life.  But setting healthy boundaries meant taking a step back, and now, there’s a void in your life. Because, if we are honest, it wasn’t all bad (even if most of it was).

There were good moments when you felt deeply connected to, and loved by, the Creator of the entire universe.

But now, without traditional church services and practices, how do you find that connection again?

I’m thrilled to tell you it is 100% possible to have a vibrant faith, on your own terms, without going back to toxic religion.

Furthermore, I’m confident that you have the power, ability, and resources to carve out the sacred spaces your soul needs right now. 

You can connect with your Creator, on your own terms, and cultivate a vibrant faith that nourishes your soul, while you deconstruct from toxic religion. 

Not sure how to make it happen? 

No problem! I’ve created Sanctuary, a guided journey over the course of four days to show you how to nurture your soul outside the traditional church box.

For $19 you'll have new ideas to explore what creating sanctuary looks like, and know how to find solace in your soul. 

I'm ready to go on the Sanctuary Journey.

Imagine being in a space that nurtures you spiritually, without having to compromise your beliefs or pretending to be someone you’re not.

How good would it feel to say “I’m done being small just to fit into church culture” and hold space for yourself as you question?

Are you ready to release yourself from toxic patriarchal beliefs, racism, and misogyny by unlearning all the unhealthy doctrines that protected the imbalanced power structure? 

It's possible, and it all begins with finding new sacred spaces and practices in the everyday.  

Sanctuary is the PERFECT space for you to:

  ✔ Create a physical space that is sacred and safe.
  ✔ Recognize the sacredness within your own body.
  ✔ Trust your intuition, body, and experience.
  ✔ Embrace an expansive God outside the walls of the church.
  ✔ Discover where your soul connects with your Creator.

I was going through the motions of what I was taught was pleasing to God, but it didn’t feel right and it gave me anxiety. Now I am allowing myself permission to question, to wonder and to be ok with being me. I don’t have all the answers but I have the tools, resources and support to continue my deconstruction journey.

- KB

I'm Ready To Reclaim The Sacredness That's All Around Me!

As a certified life coach, seminary-trained online pastor for 11+ years, and a Faith Deconstruction Coach I have a lot of experience helping people navigate faith...
but deconstruction is also very personal for me.

I learned to be a people-pleaser at an early age because we moved a lot, and it felt like I was always the new kid trying to figure out where I fit in.

When my hubby and I started going to church in our late 20s (because “it would be good for our kids”), I was ecstatic to find out that the rules and expectations were pretty cut and dry. It didn’t feel like legalism; it felt like an instruction manual that laid out a plan for “How to be a better person” and, perhaps more important to me, “How to be accepted.”

After a few years of being deeply embedded in the church, I walked away with a pretty big case of #ChurchHurt and entered a season of deep doubts and wrestling. I was deconstructing from toxic religion, even though (at the time) I didn’t know that’s what it was called.

It took years of self-love, therapy, coaching, and trauma recovery to create a healthy spiritual life that actually nourishes me, without pressure to be who people think I should be…and that’s my hope for you!

Not that you’ll believe what I believe or practice what I practice, but that you’ll find healing and learn to curiously explore what your soul is longing for most.

I would be honored to be your guide on this journey.

You'll have access to Sanctuary immediately after purchasing. Here’s a sneak peak at what we will be exploring each day!

Day 1 - Your Sacred Surroundings

Learn how to carve out a sacred space, gather what feels supportive, and set some healthy boundaries around what happens in this space. 

Day 2 - Your Sacred Body

Explore the sacredness of your body and how they can both support you and be supported by you during this season of vulnerable exploration.

Day 3 -Your Sacred Inner Guides

It’s time to begin unlearning the ways you were taught to distrust and ignore your wisdom, experience, and intuition.

Day 4 -Your Sacred Curiosity

Embrace curiosity as it paves the way for exploring the expansiveness of God, spiritual practices, and what’s most resonant with your soul in this season.

YES! I Want To Explore Sanctuary!

I know countless people have walked away from the church in the last few years and feel isolated.

Everyday I see people, just like you, who are struggling to feel connected to the parts of their spiritual life they really wanted to keep. My "Why" behind creating this experience is to help you explore your spirituality without judgment, pressure to fit in, or exposing yourself to the shame-based tactics so common in the evangelical church. 

This isn’t the typical conversation about spirituality that quotes a few out-of-context Bible verses and tells you what to believe.

My goal is to be a mirror that reflects the best of what you already know back to you so that you will learn to trust your emotions, intuition, thoughts, body, and soul ❤️

I’m a guide walking beside you, not a guru directing your every step so that I get the credit for your happiness. (Gross, right? But we know it happens alllll the time in Christian spaces so let’s just agree not to go there, K?)

Instead, let’s go through the looking glass and get curioser and curioser about the wild sacred holy spaces you’re capable of creating ❤️


You can do Sanctuary over four days, a week, or at the pace you need. Your soul is worth listening to and caring for. Are you curious on what Sanctuary could look like for you? Then come join us, and find out what's on the other side of the hope.

I'm ready to discover what Sanctuary looks like in my life and soul.