$19.00 USD

Is Faith Deconstruction Right For you? Mini Course

Wondering If Deconstruction Can Actually Help You Break Free From Toxic Religion And Heal From #ChurchHurt?

The Is Faith Deconstruction Right For You? mini-course answers 5 of the biggest questions many people ask me over and over again!

What you'll get in the mini-course: 

✓ 5 modules addressing each question in under 5 minutes each
✓ A workbook to ask yourself vulnerable questions to discover how you really feel in your deconstruction journey
✓ Easy videos to clarify what deconstruction is AND isn't and how it can help you break free from toxic religion
✓ PLUS: Bonus Resources To Help You Confidently Decide If It's Time To Deconstruct Your Faith
✓ PLUS: A BONUS module to figure out next steps after you've decided if deconstruction is for you!


What People Are Saying:

To be completely honest taking a course with Angela made me feel like I wasn't alone anymore. Figuring out what my faith was, is, and is currently becoming has been a struggle, and I felt like I could relax here. I got tips for my journey and insight on how to be a better ally to those around me and how to respond when I feel stuck in conversations. I recommend anything Angela creates to anyone wrestling with their faith and the world.

Rose C.

Angela is approachable, encouraging and authentic. I love the perspective and grace she brings to tough topics of discussion.


Finding Angela was like finding a treasure I never knew existed, but once found, changed my life. I was given the exact resources, guidance and support I needed. I highly recommend Angela as someone who genuinely cares about you.