Deconstruction Is Hard, But You Don't Have To Do It Alone...

It may feel like you're the only on wrestling with your faith, but as a Faith Deconstruction Coach, I can pinky promise you are not alone in this wilderness.

I also know that safe and supportive spaces can be really hard to find, so I created one and I'd love for you to be part of it...Right now, exactly as you are!

The Faith Deconstruction Cafe supports people who are disconnecting from the gender bias, racism, patriarchy, or other hallmarks of toxic religious culture.

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As a certified life coach, seminary-trained online pastor for 11+ years, and a Faith Deconstruction Coach I have a lot of experience helping people navigate faith...

But deconstruction is also very personal for me.

I learned to be a people-pleaser at an early age because we moved a lot, and it felt like I was always the new kid trying to figure out where I fit in.

When my hubby and I started going to church in our late 20s (because “it would be good for our kids”), I was ecstatic to find out that the rules and expectations were pretty cut and dry. It didn’t feel like legalism; it felt like an instruction manual that laid out a plan for “How to be a better person” and, perhaps more important to me, “How to be accepted.”

After a few years of being deeply embedded in the church, I walked away with a pretty big case of #ChurchHurt and entered a season of deep doubts and wrestling. I was deconstructing from toxic religion, even though (at the time) I didn’t know that’s what it was called.

It took years of self-love, therapy, coaching, and trauma recovery to create a healthy spiritual life that actually nourishes me, without pressure to be who people think I should be…

It's my hope that you’ll also find healing and space to curiously explore what your soul's deepest longings.

You won't be pressured to believe what I believe or practice what I practice.

Instead, you'll have the support you need to find healing and curiously explore what your soul is longing for most. I’ll be a guide walking beside you, not a guru directing your every step so that I get the credit for your happiness.

(Gross, right? But we know it happens alllll the time in Christian spaces so let’s just agree not to go there, K???

Let’s go through the looking glass and get curioser and curioser about the wild sacred holy life you’re capable of creating❤️

Join our free community today and get the support you deserve without pressure to be something you're not.